Our Platform Technology

Platform Technology

Multifunctional Cationic Polymer Gene Editing Platform Delivery

We have developed a patented gene editing platform, based on our Multifunctional Cationic-Polymer Gene Editing platform, consisting of a CRISPR medicine and lead candidate Polyfunctional Cationic-polymer, optimized for  efficient gene transfer to cells.

Our platform system is a specially formulated polymer biomaterial engineered to encapsulate, carry and protect a CRISPR medicine, designed to target and excise disease causing mutation sites within genes of interest that give rise to genetic disorders.

Using our patented gene editing non-viral polymer based approach possesses a number of distinct advantages over other gene therapy approaches, both viral and non-viral.

Multifunctional Polymer Delivery Platform

Transient expression of our multifunctional polymer delivery system and virus free nature removes safety concerns of immunogenicity and integration into the human genome

Adaptable to alternative mutation sites of interest and genetic disorders through a mere modification of the CRISPR medicine target sequence

Genetic correction achieved is permanent, leading to a complete removal of disease causing mutations in corrected cells

Formulation can be modified for administration via a number of routes including topical and intra-dermal application

The vast benefits of our Cat-Polymer Gene Editing platform approach makes it a suitable choice for direct delivery of gene editing therapeutics to target inherited disorders.

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