BrPERfect DNA Transfection Reagent

Product NameBrPERfect DNA transfection reagent
HighlightsHigh transfection efficacy— to both easy and difficult-to-transfect cells Extremely biocompatible—with negligible cytotoxicity to the broadest range of cell types at effective doses Easy handle and widest appliable—serum-compatible, quick and easy protocol, no need to replace medium after transfection.
FormLiquid stock solution (100 mg/ml) and transfection reaction buffer
SummaryBrPERfect DNA transfection reagent is a degradable polymer derivative, synthesised under strict control with optimal consistency and free of animal-derived components. The transfection reagent has been tested in a broad range of difficult-to-transfect and common cells, presenting superior efficacy with ignorable cytotoxicity compared with popular competitor transfection reagents. The robust transfection efficacy is achieved by the excellent DNA binding/protecting capacity, effective cellular uptake, endosome escape and high biodegradability, non-cytotoxic degradation product of the reagent in the cytoplasm.
Ordering information
Reference numberAmount of reagentAmount of transfection reaction buffer
1×0.5 ml (for 50 million cells, up to 5,000 transfections in 96-well plates)100 ml
4×0.5 ml (for 200 million cells, up to 20,000 transfections in 96-well plates)4×100 ml
Storage and Packaging Information
ToxicityAdverse physicochemical effects on human health and environment: no hazard.
Storage4 °C for frequent use aliquot for up to 12 months, ≤ -15 °C to stock aliquot
Working aliquotsAvoid frequent thaw and freeze
Packaging InstructionsSupplied in glass vials packed within grip sealed bags containing separate desiccant, together with transfection reaction buffer in plastic bottles. Shipped in an additional box with ice packs and wrapped in bubble-wrap for added protection.
Quick start guide
Please enquire for full DNA transfection protocol.