Press Releases

Press Releases

Branca Bunús licences Polymer

Gene Delivery Platform

20th December 2019

Branca Bunús are delighted to announce they have closed a sub-licensing agreement, granting to Branca Bunús rights to use key patents for the production and marketing of a novel gene editing platform technology. Gene editing is an attractive alternative to classical gene therapy, in that its basis is the fundamental editing and correction of mutant genes that give rise to a host of inherited disorders. The patent holders- University College Dublin, in association with the scientific inventors at the UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology, reached an agreement to grant a sub-licence in this technology to address a rapidly growing demand within the pharmaceutical sector to develop alternative non-viral delivery vectors for treating genetic disorders. Branca bunús having been encouraged on the back of preliminary data showing that the treatment could be disease modifying for patients suffering with an orphan skin disorder known as Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB).

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Branca Bunús to position ourselves within the gene editing landscape, a truly disruptive and transformative medical area in todays world” said  company CEO Dr. Hongyun Tai. “This technology gives us platform applicability with our initial focus on the development of a treatment for RDEB, that is virus free and offers considerable benefits over conventional gene replacement strategies. If successful , going forward this platform technology can be adapted to target alternative genetic disorders.”

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Branca Bunús launches as

latest UCD based spin-out

success story

27th November 2019

UCD, 27th November 2019: Branca Bunús today announces its launch as a UCD based spin out gene therapy company dedicated to developing and commercializing gene editing treatments for patients suffering from genetic disorders around the world., consisting of a core team of experienced scientific researchers are leveraging their expertise in non-viral gene therapy, to develop treatments for rare genetic disorders. Their treatment approach centers on the use of polymer biomaterials as platform carrier systems for gene therapy. Branca Bunús is initially focused on the development of a CRISPR medicine gene editing therapeutic targeted for the treatment of the rare skin fragility disorder Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB). Patients with RDEB suffer from whole body skin fragility and blistering, leading to ulcerations and scarring. At present, RDEB is incurable with only palliative care available to sufferers.  Branca Bunús are seeking to change that through their polymer based delivery approach by offering an viable alternative to current gene therapy approaches focused on viral delivery systems.

“We endeavour to bring transformative medicines for the improvement of patients livelihoods from bench to bedside” said Branca Bunús CEO Dr. Hongyun Tai. “For us our mantra is simple, We Fight Inherited Orphan Diseases, We Fight EB.”

For more information on Branca Bunús, please contact us at or via email at [email protected]