Our Team

Our Team

At Branca Bunús, we are proud of having our most valuable resource, our exceptional team. Our company is centred on a core team of passionate scientific researchers and experienced entrepreneurs. In unison, with our Executive Leadership from Prof Wenxin Wang, we are translating innovative scientific findings into clinical applications.

Success at Branca Bunús is founded on our multidisciplinary team. Our management team bring all the necessary skillset and experience to pioneer our innovative gene therapy technology for clinical translation. At Branca Bunús, we have intentionally build our company centred around scientific researchers and experience entrepreneurs. The management team continues to build a culture of success through experienced leadership and establishing effective control and oversight of the Research & Development teams.

Our Research team consists of a core of scientist from multidisciplinary backgrounds including biotechnology, medical science, material science, polymer chemistry and more. Exploiting our research teams long standing experience and expertise in non-viral polymer gene therapy, we’re translating pioneering science into transformative medicines.

At Branca Bunús we believe that our extensive network of international external advisors give us a competitive edge over our competitors. Together, we boast expertise in key areas for developing clinical therapeutics  including:

Regulatory matters

Pre-clinical research


Clinical implementation

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